NIRVANA 10-31-1991. 20X30 CANVAS PRINT LIMITED TO 500. SIGN BY ARTIST. NUMBERED WITH CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY AND STORY. This is the first time this image has ever been printed,and is part of the launch of my Coffee Table Book "SNAP CLICK FLASH" ALL ACCESS due out this late Fall. After the print run of 500, the file will be deleted. This image will not be in the book. The image is from their concert at the Paramount Theater in Seattle 10.31.1991. After playing a 19 song concert set Kurt & Krist went to a 4th-floor dressing room where I photographed their very first meet & greet for their new record label. NEVERMIND had just been released a few weeks prior. The story, I sat with Kurt on a counter in the upstairs dressing room of the Paramount Theatre. We small talked about what ever came to mind. He seemed to be stoned because we would be having a conversation, then he'd zone out for a second. While sitting with him he pulled out a bag of cigarette tobacco from his coat and rolled a cigarette. I took a photo of him with Krist smoking it like a joint. From that point on it was a rocket ride to the top.

Price: $250.00